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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fitness After 30

Let's change our lifestyle and achieve fitness by modifying our diet,exercise and working pattern.


As a Pathologist practising in Mumbai,I am required to examine blood samples of various patients.During the last eight years of my clincal practice,there has been a definite increase in the number of new patients with diabetes,blood pressure,high cholesterol,obesity etc.It is all the more disturbing to know that these patients are in the age group of 30 to 40.On an average a person usually starts his career around the age of 25 years.During the next 10 years of his/her career, he/she is subjected to high mental stress, long working hours,lack of physical exercise & wrong diet.As a result, by the age of 40 he/she is diagnosed with high blood pressure,diabetes or heart trouble and is advised a change in lifestyle;so why not start this change early at the age of 30 & prevent the damage.

The change in lifestyle should touch 3 main areas viz.Diet,Exercise and working pattern.


Meal timings : NO matter how busy we are, Let us keep the timings of our meals fixed.The ideal timings would be -- 7-8 am Breakfast,11 am snacks, 1-2 pm lunch, 4-5 pm snacks and 8-9 pm dinner.

Diet contents : Each meal should consist of complex carbohydrates (oats, whole wheat,brown bread,brown rice) Proteins(lean meat,fish,pulses,mushroom,Soya)
Fruits & Vegetables.For Healthy meal ideas

Method of cooking : Let's prefer boiling,roasting,shallow frying to prepare our meals so that minimum oil is required.Here is a complete guide to healthy eating.

Break the diet Pattern : Let's stick to this plan for 5-6 days a
week.But it is also important to break the diet pattern & take some liberty on weekends so that we can come back strong next week.

Working Pattern

Early career : In the early part of career,one tends to overwork in persuit of his goals.However it is important to have realistic goals.After achieving the goals,one should also learn to enjoy the success.How to set and achieve a goal!

Mid career : It is okay to set higher goals but this expansion should be slow and not tiring for the individual.7 days success programme.

Late career : As one moves up the ladder,he should be able to believe his subordinates & deputise his duties to them, instead of trying to do everything himself.This way he can cut down his own working hours or at least regularise his working pattern.

At the end of the day one should hit the bed early (instead of watching television) because therein lies the begining of a new day.


If one retires early, it is not at all difficult to get up one hour earlier than one is used to.
Exercise should be as compulsory to everyone as is brushing the teeth or shaving or taking a bath!
The daily exercise should include warm up, cardio exercises,muscle training & breathing exercises.

Warm up : The aim is to loosen all the joints;so perform rotation movements of neck,shoulders,wrist,waist etc.

Cardio exercises : One can learn different cardio exercises viz.skipping,spot jogging ,brisk walking,cycling,tread mill,aerobics etc.These exercises can be done alternatively so as to have more fun.

Muscle training : Free hand exercises & Dumbbells can be used to target specific muscle groups.
Upper body - Shoulders, arms, forearms
Lower body - Thighs (front,back & sides), Calves.
Abdominal and Back muscles.
Dumbbell exercises and Superior dumbbell workouts.

Breathing exercises :7 minute yoga programme
These can help to cool down and reduce the mental stress.They can be learnt from yoga (viz.Anulom-vilom,Kapalbhati,Shavasana etc.)Learn Yoga

So Let's start to change our lifestyles on the three fronts of diet,
work and exercise.

For your kind attention,I have given below categoriwise,the links to various ebooks & programmmes (some of them were mentioned in the above discussion).

You can also sign up with their free email courses and have useful information before you decide to buy them. I believe they would be great investments.

Diet :
Healthy meal ideas.
A complete guide to healthy eating.

Career,Work and Stress :
How to set and achieve a goal!
7 days success programme.

Exercise :
Dumbbell exercises
Superior dumbbell workouts.

Yoga :
7 minute yoga programme
Learn Yoga